How To Grow Mushrooms

Chris Winn

Did you know?

"Mushrooms grow at an amazing rate - the average mushroom will double in size every day!"

A simple approach to growing tasty mushies!

Growing mushrooms

Here at Fungi, out team knows that while many of our customers have green thumbs, not everyone has had experience growing mushrooms, and while mushrooms are technically classified as a vegetable, they are not a plant, they are a fungus. This is why in the development of all our tasty products, we've taken a 'Just add water' approach. This is not to say however that your mushrooms will not need a little effort, patience, care and love.

What you will need

  • An indoor area out of direct wind and sunlight, preferably off the ground and out of the way of the family pet
  • Newspaper to cover the area around your kit
  • A spray bottle with some water

Selecting your growing area

  • Mushrooms love humidity - find a growing area that can be contained (A bathroom or laundry is perfect!)
  • Allow the area some fresh air - Do not grow deep inside a cupboard or pantry
  • Find an area where a little mess is OK

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Grow mushrooms commercially!

We're now supplying large scale growers with both Oyster and Shiitake mushroom bags for growing. Technical support available.

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We're looking for marketeers!

Fungi is looking for representatives to run markets and local distribution. Vacancies exist in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide

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